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Claudius Iacob is a musician and a programmer based in Bucharest, Romania. He currently is a PhD student in musicology, having graduated in music composition from the Bucharest National University of Music, where he studied with Dan Dediu, Doina Rotaru and Mihaela Vosganian, to name a few.

As a composer, Claudius still dithers about his preferred music idiom. While hesitating between electronics and classical instruments, he often finds himself making incongruous combinations – such as pre-classical vocabulary and expressionist topics, or the sacred dimension and the post-modernistic world.

He began programming as a hobby, and eventually specialized in front-end web technologies, earning IT certifications and working for renowned software firms, such as Adobe Romania, XL Team, or Senior Interactive. While generally a freelancer programmer,  he often bides his time as a full time employee, which he regards as a chance of growing better discipline, making new connections and learning new technologies.

Please find more on Claudius’ professional experience on his LinkedIn page.